Talking about Paradise with Victoria Aitken

Credit photo: Vitoria`s website

Credit photo: Vitoria`s website

What destination of the globe looks like the most paradisaical for you? For the British singer Victoria Aitken, who have recently launched her hit “Paradise” (and whose hit “Weekend Lover” appears in Hollywood movie “Damsels in Distress” (2011), nothing like her family house at Bahamas -Island where she plans to give a concert soon. And as a well known London socialite, the daughter of the former Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, gave Hills to Heels some tips about what to do in her city.

One of your lasts songs is “Paradise” and one of the main topics of this blog are the trips. Witch country or place that you have ever been matches better with your idea of paradise?
Well, my step mother used to have a house on Paradise island in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is amazing, its so beautiful, I would LOVE to do a show with Kevin on Paradise Island – or else where in the Bahamas, singing Paradise, it would be amazing, we might do a show at Thomas Krammers, house in the near future, on Star island which is also a place of paradise.

How was to work with Kevin Lyttle in this song, an artist so well known since his hit “Turn me on”?

Kevin is amazing to work with he is so talented, charming, cool, he’s a true gentleman and he has an amazing wife called Jackie who is a superstar to! He works hard, travels all over the world he’s just about to do a show in the UK on the 14th of September , so am looking forward to catching up with him.

Another hit, “Weekend Lover”, appears in Hollywood movie “Damsels in Distress” (2011), directed by the Oscar nominated director Whit Stillman (“Metropolitan” (1990), “Barcelona”, 1994). How does this impacted your career?

It was amazing to have my song selected for a Whit Stillman film. I am such a huge fan of Whit Stillman’s films, I love “Metropolitan” and of course “Barcelona”. His films are so funny, hilarious and he’s a legend in the film business, and his soundtracks are unique, the soundtrack to his film last days of disco is one of my favorites. So it was amazing to have had my music picked by him for his film.

What does being “Weekend Lover” means for you?
I wrote the song “weekend lover”… well the song was a very sad song originally, as I was crazy in love with somebody. Crazy! And he only saw me as a “weekend lover” nothing “serious”. I think (being a weekend lover) it’s something that happens to all women, esp, in a club, so in a way it’s a song, when the guy in the club is buying you drinks saying everything nice, sweet talking: watch out don’t be his weekend lover! All women deserve more! And should be treated incredibly not like some superficial bimbo for a bit of “weekend love” only – “if you got to know me, you’d see another me” is one of the lines… not the superficial XYZ you see before you..

Is it true that you get inspired for this song after a phone call of James Blunt?
Yes that’s totally true. I grew up with James Blunt and have know him for ages, his best friend Rupert was my boyfriend, and we all used to go skiing together in Verbier, and hang out at the army barracks . He asked me “how’s your love life?” And I said “I think I’ve just been a “weekend lover” and then I thought “Umm: weekend lover, that’s a song!” he laughed politely… I don’t know if he’s heard the song, maybe I should send it to him.

And what about your love life now? Are you dating somebody?

Right now I am not dating somebody but actually I am better with no boyfriend. I write more songs. If I was happily married am sure I wouldn’t be writing heartfelt songs…

You are the daughter of the former Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, thus a well known socialite. So we would like you to tell us where in London would you take a foreign friend to shop, eat, dance and have the kind of experiences that are not on the touristic travel guides?
I would love to take a friend to Portobello Road in London, great vintage shops, and the (street) Kings Road to eat –Nobu is so expensive but amazing, another great sushi place is Mitsukoshi where the Japanese ambassador is regular. The Oak in Westbourne Grove, Locanda Locatelli -amazing italian food in Portman Square. Also the French restaurant Bleeding Heart, in Beelding Heart Lane, perhaps even for a date, because it`s very romantic. Actually in the most unexpected place in the city. And to dance KOYO amazing Dj’s! love it it`s incredible! The Hospital Club (in Covent Garden) is great, on Saturdays nights my friend Emre Osmanlar, a Cypriot entrepreneur, takes me often. Boujis can also be fun.

Which one is, in your opinion, the best place of the world to eat and why?

Right now (when this interview was done) I am in Northern Cyprus, and the food is incredible. Last night I went to Ilker’s tavern, where the vegetables are grown in an organic village farm and the meat is cut by the chef himself and cooked on his charcoal BBQ. Also the restaurant of the Olden Hotel, in Gstaad (Switzerland) has amazing food. It is a beautiful Swiss mountain resort and has amazing snitzel elefanta, and the most incredible wine selection.

Hills to Heels want to know, of all the shoes you might have, which one is your favorite one and why?
Ameronni Black Suede with Swarovski Elements Heel by Aruna Seth. I love these shoes because they are black simple beyond chic: well made, the cut is amazing, with great details. And I can wear them with anything -jeans, black tie dress, cocktail dress- they are a show for everywhere, which is such a rare thing!

If you had to choose only one shoes designer: which one would you choose?
I love Jonathan Kelsey. His shoes are so sexy! Beyond they are so chic and elegant, as if from the 1930’s and they are also very comfortable.

And if you have to choose only one hill or mountain of the world, which one would you choose?
Mt. La Videmanette. It’s the best ski slope in Gstaad (Switzerland) and skiing the whole way down is amazing!

What is the next travel that you have scheduled?
I am going to Amsterdam in October, because I will be performing at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012.

Did you follow the Olympic Games? 
Yes, the Olympics were amazing! I live right in the center of them: the beach volleyball was in my backyard (two streets away) and I went to some fun Olympic parties – but I mainly watched it on television. And, since Jamaica is the “talk of the whole Olympics” I’ve finished a track called “Wasting away” with Jamaican reggae legend Spragga Benz in time for the party of the year where Jamaican celebrates Bolts victories at the Olympics the first man ever to win both the 100 and 200 meters.

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